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Data Protection: Backup / Restore / Replication

Assuring information availability is a core tenet within most security frameworks. VCE’s approach to this critical challenge addressing backups, data replication, and mobility is through tightly integrated offerings based on EMC technology. VCE also works with industry partners to augment its offerings and to ensure support for Vblock® Systems within legacy environments.

VCE Vblock Data Protection Portfolio provides enhanced backup and recovery, data replication, business continuity, and workload mobility to deliver reliable and predictable data protection for Vblock Systems. These capabilities are add-ons and are factory integrated by VCE, delivered in VCE cabinet(s) and covered by one-call VCE™ Support.

VCE back-up capabilities are designed around these core concepts:

  • Single node Avamar controls all of the backups and manages the backup meta-data.
  • All backup data is stored in the appropriately sized EMC Data Domain system.
  • Simplified sizing parameters (controllers and storage capacity) and standardized configurations.
  • The network within the Vblock System 300, Vblock System 340, Vblock System 700 and Vblock System 720 extends right into the VCE backup systems. The backup workload is completely isolated from the customer’s network.

EMC Avamar and EMC Data Domain backup together provide a common architecture optimized and engineered for the protection of Vblock Systems.

EMC RecoverPoint enables access to earlier generations of data through a DVR-like concept known as Continuous Data Protection. EMC RecoverPoint enables this access by taking data snapshots every few seconds, creating unlimited recovery points. Users can bookmark recovery points to go back to specific points in time, such as the close of a quarter or a pre-patch state.

EMC VPLEX is an enterprise-class technology, enabling dynamic workload mobility and continuous availability either within a single Vblock System or between Vblock Systems over distances. It provides mission-critical applications with simultaneous access to storage devices at two sites through the creation of VPLEX Distributed Virtual Volumes.

VCE Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program extends the VCE security portfolio and offers a compatible partner-solution catalog via Vblock Ready certification. Partners here include:

  • Axxana’s Phoenix System integrates with EMC RecoverPoint to enable synchronous replication, using an existing asynchronous infrastructure. As a result, Vblock Systems customers using the Axxana technology can achieve zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) over any geographical distances at a significant cost savings, protecting more applications and greater amounts of data than ever before.