Enterprises large and small are moving quickly to take advantage of the financial and operational efficiency of virtualized, cloud infrastructures. The adoption of cloud technologies has created a new, dynamic security landscape that IT organizations must now manage while integrating existing risk management policies.

VCE addresses security mandates and compliance requirements by taking a holistic approach that is ingrained within the VCE product lifecycle process, and covers three key pillars.

  • Vblock® Systems comprise of best-of-breed technologies from Cisco, EMC, and VMware that are designed, validated and built to ensure the highest performance and availability while ensuring security best practices are realized and risks are reduced, and VxBlock Systems offer the same benefits with additional hardware and SDN options.
  • VCE quality assurance fully tests and validates all software updates for security vulnerabilities reducing ongoing risks for organizations that deploy VCE converged infrastructure systems.
  • The VCE global partner program allows organizations to extend converged infrastructure capabilities by integrating additional security and compliance controls to meet organizational compliance objectives

As a result, security is built in at the outset rather than added as an afterthought, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the business infrastructure.

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VCE Trust Ecosystem

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VCE Security Response Center

VCE is committed to minimizing our customer’s risk of exposure to product security vulnerabilities.

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VCE is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, a not-for-profit international security organization with a mission to promote best practices including education for providing security assurance within Cloud Computing. For further information, visit CSA at