VCE Vision Ready™ Certification

VCE™ Technology Alliance partners, along with third-party companies and developers, are encouraged to pursue VCE Vision Ready™ Certification for their third-party products.


VCE has selected Superna as our certification vendor because of their expertise and extensive history working with EMC and the VCE Vblock Ready™ Certification Program. Please visit the Superna site link listed here for additional information and to get started with the VCE Vision Ready Certification Process.


The primary goal of the VCE Vision Ready™ Certification Program is to ensure that the third-party application leverages VCE Vision Intelligent Operations to successfully manage and interoperate with the Vblock® Systems as a single converged infrastructure entity. VCE Vision software has multiple API features of which a third-party application can take advantage. The application does not need to utilize all APIs to become certified and can utilize the APIs based on the product’s functionality. The certification process has success criteria associated with functional areas of the system and certification test cases will be developed based on the candidate application and its use of specific APIs and functional areas.

As part of the VCE Vision Ready Certification Program, the specific VCE Vision software APIs utilized by the third-party application must be identified and test cases executed which will

  • Ensure the software accesses, utilizes, and obtains correct results from the VCE Vision software APIs.
  • Ensure the software does not cause any issues or errors in using the API that affect the overall Vblock Systems integrity.
  • Ensure that the application utilizes VCE Vision software to manage the Vblock as a converged infrastructure device vs. a discrete set of infrastructure components.

If an application meets these goals it achieves VCE Vision Ready Certification.


  • Developer visits Superna website and completes the application for VCE Vision Ready Certification.
  • VCE and Superna approve the application for certification testing.
  • Superna works with developer on planning, executing, and documenting the VCE Vision Ready Certification.
  • Upon successful completion the developer will be issued a VCE Vision Ready Logo, a contact emails summary report, detailed report, and customer deployment recommended configurations.


Upon successful completion of the VCE Vision Ready Certification, the following are issued to the developer; however, this documentation is not publicly available.

  • Certification Test and Final Report containing outline of test procedure, test steps, results, and value-added recommendations.
  • VCE Vision Ready logo and logo usage guidelines.
  • VCE database, updated with product name and VCE Vision software version, Vblock Systems RCM version certified on for customers.