VCE Validation Ready™ Program

Why Take Advantage Of A New Remote Test Bed For Vblock® Systems And Solutions? To Drastically Reduce Sales Cycles.

The definition of converged infrastructure is changing. VCE should know. We produced the first true converged infrastructure system. Vblock® Systems integrate network, compute, and storage better than any other converged infrastructure solution in the world. Then, for intelligent discovery between Vblock Systems and data center management tools, we introduced VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations. What’s next?

A dedicated and fully accessible Vblock Systems test bed that lets you test, validate, or certify your own solutions.

The VCE Validation Ready™ Program

Now, instead of the time and cost involved in shipping Vblock Systems loaners to you or your customers for testing and validation, we’ve made a remote test bed available. VCE partners and their customers can directly access the new VCE Validation Ready test bed from our testing and validation partner Superna. Testing can be done remotely or on-site at Superna’s facility.

Why is this a big deal? It makes testing and validation simpler, faster, and cheaper. Also, with ongoing testing options you or your customers can ensure compatibility with continually evolving technologies from VCE and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners in the VCE™ Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Program.

Use the new VCE Validation Ready test bed for:

  • Conducting on-site or remote Proof Of Concept (POC) tests
  • Validating customer configurations (e.g., for security and compliance mandates and reference architectures)
  • Testing VCE Vision™ software integrations to meet and/or monitor security and compliance requirements in real time
  • Testing two or more Vblock™ Ready solutions working together from the VCE TAP Program ecosystem, before you go to market with one or more of these solutions

There are currently two VCE Vision adapters available with the test bed:

  • CA/Nimsoft: CA + SupernaNET.Converge for monitoring of compliance in real time
  • BMC: BMC + SupernaNET.Connect for management of configuration and patch management in real time, including asset management, product catalog, and service dashboard

HIPAA Validation Ready Testing

Here’s an example of how the test bed can be used to validate HIPPA compliance.

Using Superna’s VCE Vision adapters for CA - Nimsoft and for BMC Software - Atrium CMDB and BladeLogic solutions, you can monitor and manage HIPPA compliance requirements in real time as part of validating your healthcare solutions running on Vblock Systems. The test bed is based on a HIPPA reference architecture created in conjunction with VMware and others.

Additional integrations are used for management of remote access, security, identity and access management, segmentation, and firewall. The flexibility of the test bed allows for additional generic integrations to be used to leverage solutions from various TAP vendors for: exploit/malware protection, data protection and encryption, vulnerability assessment, and data backup/restore/replication. These can be easily integrated into the test bed for a complete HIPPA Validation Ready solution.

Validating Your Favorite Reference Architecture

The test bed can also be used to validate other reference architectures on Vblock Systems, including other major security and compliance standard architectures like PCI, FedRAMP, SOX, CJIS, etc.

Additional solutions can be used for a custom validation. If you have other applications that you would like to include in your POC or validation, or if you would like to test one of our Specialized Business Systems (e.g., Vblock™ Specialized System for SAP HANA®) they can be incorporated into the test bed.

Partner Solutions You Can Use Today For Testing

The security and compliance partner solutions in bold italics below are native to Vblock Systems and are supported by VCE. The others have been certified as Vblock Ready. Both sets of solutions can be used today for POCs or validations.  


Data Protection, Encryption

Configuration, Patch Management

Vulnerability Assessment

Cisco ASA1000V Cloud Firewall

Cisco Virtual Security Gateway

VMware vCloud Networking and Security





Trend Micro


VCE Hardening


VCE Vision Software

VMware vCenter Server

VMware vConfiguration Manager

VMware vConfiguration Operations Management Suite







Data protection– backup/restore/replication

Identity and Access Management

Exploit and Malware Protection

Security Management

EMC Avamar

EMC DataDomain

EMC RecoverPoint




Cisco Secure Access Control System


RSA Aveksa

CA Technologies




Cisco Sourcefire NGIPS




McAfee (Intel Security)


Trend Micro

RSA Archer

RSA Security Analytics

VMware Log Insight

McAfee (Intel Security)


From Vblock Ready To VCE Validation Ready: A New Certification Opportunity From VCE

ISV partners that have already achieved Vblock Ready certification for their product will be able to get their solution VCE Validation Ready certified for a one-time fee of $5,000. If the solution is currently part of a POC or Vblock Ready engagement at Superna, the one-time fee can be lowered to $3,000.

Partners whose products are not yet Vblock Ready or VCE Vision Ready™ certified can leverage the new VCE Validation Ready program to obtain their Vblock Ready and/or VCE Vision Ready certifications at the same time.

For those partners interested in integrating their Vblock Ready product as part of the new VCE Validation Ready test bed, they must integrate their product with Vblock Systems using a VCE Vision Ready certified adapter (new or existing). And for an additional $5,000 annual fee, Superna can keep the integration current by testing the product against new versions of VCE Vision Software or the ISV solution are released.

Try And Buy–A Big Opportunity

Customers are interested in pretested, pre-validated solutions for the same reasons they choose converged infrastructures: faster deployment, lower cost, simpler operations. This new program allows your customers and prospects to experience these benefits faster and to significantly reduce their purchasing cycles and costs.

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