Independent software vendors (ISVs), independent hardware vendors (IHVs), virtual appliance vendors, and technology companies interested in partnering with VCE are encouraged to join the VCE™ Technology Alliance Partner Program. The program is designed to make it easier for technology partners to get the resources they need to go to market faster with Vblock™ Systems.

Current partners provide solutions certified on Vblock Systems in a growing list of categories, including:

  • Anti-virus
  • Bug tracking
  • Business analytics
  • Cloud infrastructure monitoring, management, virtualization
  • Cloud migration-as-a-service
  • DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Email archiving
  • Financial services solutions
  • Geographic information systems
  • Healthcare solutions
  • Optical communications
  • Security
  • Server side caching
  • Single sign-in and roaming
  • Storage optimization
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Virtual SPAM detection

VCE chooses technology partners with the ability to complement Vblock Systems solutions and to meet relevant customer requirements. Through the Technology Alliance Partner Program, both leading and emerging technology companies can combine their strengths with those of VCE to deliver a more complete range of solutions to customers.


Vblock ReadyVCE developed the Vblock™ Ready certification to assure our customers that solutions from Technology Alliance Partners have been tested and certified on Vblock Systems and that VCE supports the decision to implement those solutions. The certification is a comprehensive test that assures customers that Technology Alliance Partner solutions have met all entrance, integration, and interoperability criteria and are technically ready for use with Vblock Systems.

Vblock Ready certification provides the validation our partners require to sell into the growing VCE marketplace. Another goal for the certification program is to build lasting relationships with VCE Technology Alliance Partners and to provide access to resources to help generate new sales opportunities for both partners and VCE. Partners that are willing to engage in a long-term relationship with VCE are given the opportunity to achieve and maintain their certification and will have insight into the evolution of Vblock Systems.

VCE Vision Ready™ Certification

Vblock ReadyThe VCE Vision Ready™ Certification program certifies that VCE Technology Alliance Partner products and third party solutions adhere to the proper use of the VCE Vision™ APIs. Preinstalled on Vblock Systems, VCE Vision™ Intelligent Operations acts as a mediation layer between a system and a customer’s existing management tools. The software allows for intelligent discovery by providing a continuous, near real-time perspective of compute, network, storage, and virtualization resources as a single object. This ensures that customer management tools reflect the most current state of their Vblock Systems

The certification ensures that a product treats Vblock Systems as a converged infrastructure. Many types of solutions can leverage the VCE Vision APIs, including management, monitoring, asset management, configuration management database, security, and logging. Partners may leverage VCE Vision Ready Certification as an advantage in the market for Vblock Systems customers and third party developers. Partners with VCE Vblock Ready Certified products are encouraged to add VCE Vision Ready Certification.


Validation ReadyNow, instead of the time and cost involved in conducting onsite testing, validations or Proof of Concepts (POCs), we’ve made a remote test bed fully available. VCE partners and customers can directly access the new VCE Validation Ready test bed, located at our certification partner Superna, to test their own application environment or to get the new VCE Validation Ready certification for their solutions.

Why is this a big deal? It makes software-stack testing, validations and POCs simpler, faster, and cheaper.


The Technology Alliance Partner Program offers three levels of alliance membership: Platinum Partners, Gold Partners, or Silver Partners. Through the program, partners can collaborate with VCE to help create demand and leverage the entire VCE portfolio of offerings. Partners may include those who are interested in technology integration with Vblock Systems, go-to-market activities with VCE, or both.

Benefits vary by partner level and include:

  • Vblock Ready certification, validation, or joint solution development
  • Vblock Ready logo and access to the VCE™ Partner Portal
  • Joint go-to-market (GTM) programs with logos and branding
  • Increased market presence by leveraging relationships with Cisco, EMC, and VMware
  • Insight into product offerings and solutions from Cisco, EMC, and VMware
  • Access to our certification lab for testing on the most current Vblock Systems technologies
  • Access to Vblock Systems technical documentation and marketing collateral
  • Vblock Systems technical and sales training
  • Increased market presence and revenue potential
  • Ability to provide customer assurance that the solution is tested and will work with predictability on Vblock Systems
  • Listing on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX)

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