Solution Providers

The VCE™ Partner Program for Solution Providers is designed to expand the market opportunity for true converged infrastructure by enabling partners to develop a broad business around VCE solutions. The program offers numerous incentives and benefits that reward partners for their investment in Vblock™ Systems and solutions and for their overall commitment to VCE. As a partner increases their VCE investment and commitment, their benefits and incentives will increase proportionally. The program also introduces new partner tiers, specializations, and financial incentives to help partners succeed with VCE. To learn more, please read the VCE Partner Program for Solution Providers At-A-Glance Quick Guide.


Silver is the entry-level tier and is designed to facilitate the onboarding of new partners with minimal entry requirements.

Gold is the mid-level tier and grants partners access to select VCE™ Partner Program benefits and resources once partners meet set program requirements.

Platinum is the highest tier and offers the greatest benefits and resources in exchange for higher program requirements.


Specializations are designed to enable and recognize a partner’s competency for a given service or solution with a VCE product. VCE Specializations accelerate sales, drive higher margins and larger deal sizes. Specializations provide differentiation and help increase partner value to customers.

Specializations allow partners to leverage existing certifications and skills in specific solution areas, such as mission-critical applications, end user computing, or data protection. Specializations are a requirement to reach higher tiers in the program, and partners that go through the specialization process will be recognized by VCE with a specialization designation.