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As of January 2016, VCE is part of the EMC Business Partner Program, which represents the evolution of EMC’s partnerships to better meet the needs of our business partners, with simplicity, predictability, and profitability throughout. Through a comprehensive set of offerings and rewards, the EMC Business Partner Program supports your growth in the current market space while also providing the tools you need to succeed in the world of mobile, cloud, big data, and social.

EMC Business Partner Program Solution Provider Track

Partnering with EMC means that you have more industry-leading technologies to add to your portfolio. We firmly believe in bringing our partners along with us whether it's through cloud offerings, big data, or the next trend on the horizon.

Our award-winning, competency-based EMC Business Partner Program for Solution Providers positions you to meet any customer need. The program provides incremental rewards and benefits as partners achieve higher levels of proficiency and move up in the program's tiered structure. The program consists of three tiers—Platinum, Gold, and Silver—with benefits and rewards that increase based on revenue, training, and specialty achievements.

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You can learn more about the EMC Business Partner Program by reviewing the EMC Solution Provider Program Overview

How to Apply

Becoming a VCE Authorized Reseller within the EMC Business Partner Program is quick and easy. Please follow our simple instructions to apply, and EMC will contact you after evaluating your company's application submission. If you are already a Solution Provider within the EMC Business Partner Program, please email to start the process of becoming a VCE Authorized Reseller.

1. Be prepared to have the required data and make sure that you have authorization from your company to accept the terms of the agreement. Review Reseller Marketing Support Agreement

2. During the application process, you will be prompted to supply an EMC distributor's name that will sponsor your EMC reseller relationship.
Reference EMC Partner Finder for EMC Distributors

3. If you are ready to apply, complete the fields in the application and accept the terms and conditions of the reseller marketing support agreement.
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