Service Providers

Gaining a Competitive Edge from the Cloud

VCE service providers efficiently and cost-effectively enable you to outsource your IT through cloud-based hosting of applications and the delivery of infrastructure-, software-, and platform-as-a-service capabilities via public and hybrid clouds. This allows you to reduce your costs, focus time and energy on your core business requirements, and minimize your IT risks.

VCE service providers leverage Vblock™ Systems, the world’s most advanced converged infrastructure, to seamlessly integrate best-in-class compute, network, and storage technologies from Cisco, EMC, and VMware.


  • Speed delivery of new products and services—trust VCE service providers to deliver the IT services you need faster, thanks to VCE pre-testing and validation of Vblock Systems
  • Rely on the secure and predictable performance of Vblock Systems to support your most stringent service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Gain outstanding agility to accommodate changing business needs
  • Take advantage of the flexibility and scalability VCE service providers offer through IT services that always keep pace with your growth
  • Rest easy with reliable service delivery from VCE service providers, who are backed by the leading expertise of VCE™ Support

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