• Discover the VCE Total Customer Experience

    The VCE Total Customer Experience empowers businesses to move beyond maintenance and discover new levels of speed, availability, and flexibility from IT infrastructure. VCE converged solutions host the mission-critical resources and mixed applications enterprises count on, backed by complete one-call support from VCE and robust lifecycle assurance for unmatched sustainability to meet the demands of modern IT.

    VCE converged infrastructure technology, including market-leading Vblock® Systems and hyper-converged VxRack™ Systems, changes the status quo of IT and saves time and money. The VCE Total Customer Experience extends to offer the premier pathway for scaling IT at cloud speed, with exclusive innovations like the VCE Release Certification Matrix (RCM) that reduces the risks associated with health and lifecycle management.

    By engineering, manufacturing, managing, supporting, and sustaining our products and solutions as one, the VCE Total Customer Experience eliminates the tangled web of IT infrastructure and delivers a new model of scalable simplicity. Our unified and holistic approach, unique in the industry, helps companies take on the cloud era and achieve better business outcomes faster.

    The VCE Total Customer Experience delivers the transformative power of converged infrastructure technology plus industry-leading support and unmatched lifecycle sustainability

  • Driven by Customer Success

    At VCE, nothing is more important than our customers and partners. So we, along with EMC Federation Companies, wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and celebrate our joint success and continued commitment to simpler IT and an unmatched Total Customer Experience.

    TCE Day Customer Video

    VCE pioneered Converged Infrastructure to help you solve the problem of spending 70% of your time on IT maintenance instead of focusing on your business priorities. We are thrilled to be able to thank you for proving that you can now solve that problem with Converged Infrastructure. In the latest study from IDC, our customers reduced the time they spent “keeping the lights on” by 41% on average. This means that your continued commitment to simplifying IT through VCE Converged Solutions has allowed your IT organization to focus more on delivering business outcomes and less on maintenance.

    Our deep engagement with you through advisory boards, case studies, briefings and the VCE User Group (VUG), has been instrumental in driving continuous improvement of the industry’s broadest Converged Solutions portfolio. Thank you for sharing your feedback, your ideas and your results.

    Captured on this page are just a few examples of the business results our customers have shared about how VCE Converged Solutions have helped them innovate and respond faster to business needs:

    • Hunter Fan has faster access to business intelligence data to provide quicker forecasting and decision-making for their business due a 40% improvement in IT performance
    • McCoy Global supports their business expansion by onboarding new acquisitions in days rather than years
    • Fox Sports Australia is now 100% responsive to the business, delivering sports statistics to the web in under 3 seconds compared to a several minute delay and video clips in under 3 minutes compared to 38 minutes from their previous environment

    Our unequaled total customer experience is what continues to define VCE. Thank you again for allowing us to be a trusted partner in your digital business transformation. We look forward to enabling and celebrating more of your business successes.

    Tim Page
    Chief Operating Officer, VCE

    Tim Page, COO, VCE
  • McCoy Global Video

    McCoy Global

    "Moving to a Vblock System allows the business to focus on innovation and expansion without being burdened by IT limitations."
    Justin Beauchamp, IT Infrastructure Manager, McCoy Global

    BNP Paribas Video

    BNP Paribas

    "With Vblock Systems, we accelerated infrastructure provisioning and are delivering new services to our customers at a robust pace.”
    Yannick Gloaguen, Head of Cloud, BNP Paribas