The Business Value of VCE Vblock Systems: Leveraging Convergence to Drive Business Agility

IDC’s interviews with 16 VCE Vblock customers demonstrated that converged infrastructure deployments dramatically improved time to deploy and scale new services and freed up IT resources to focus on more value-added, strategic activities, all while reducing operational costs.

Key Business Value Highlights:

4.6XMore Applications Deployed
96%Reduction in down time
4.4XFaster App delivery
41%Less time keeping the lights on

As organizations continue to migrate their datacenter infrastructure to converged systems, they will introduce greater levels of flexibility into their IT environments and better position themselves as 3rd Platform innovators.

"The real value of Vblock is that we can take resources that used to spend their time in the lab and turn them around and have them work on mobility solutions. If we didn’t have these mobility solutions, I would believe that our sales figures would not be as good.” - VCE Customer as told to IDC

Source: IDC, 2015

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