Faster Business Outcomes

Get Ahead with VCE Converged Solutions

In today’s mobile and digital world, IT speed and agility are essential — which is why organizations are turning to converged infrastructure solutions to get the flexibility they need to transform their business.

A recent IDC white paper reveals how VCE customers around the world are leveraging convergence to deliver better business outcomes faster, accelerating their enterprise organizations to cloud speed.

Take a look at this infographic to see how VCE converged solutions can help you triumph over the status quo and take on the next generation of IT challenges.

The Business Impact of VCE:

4.6XMore Applications Deployed
96%Reduction in down time
4.4XFaster Time to market for new services
41%Less time keeping the lights on


"…we’ve needed to scale very, very quickly to accommodate the growth, and it’s simply been a matter of turning up new capacity in the Vblock environment. Historically, it would have been a very protracted, complex process." - VCE Customer as told to IDC

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See how companies are triumphing over the status quo and achieving faster business outcomes in the cloud era with VCE converged solutions.