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Dell EMC CPSD global customers span a variety of industries and use cases. Here are a few of the businesses and organizations that are benefiting from Vblock® Systems.

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8x8, Inc.
8x8, Inc. Service Provider

8X8 is a provider of cloud-based unified communications, contact center and collaboration services

8x8 made a strategic decision to expand its target market to larger enterprise and government customers. This required the deployment of a new, more robust infrastructure that could offer enterprise-class reliability as well as ease of use. The company found a solution in VCE Vblock Systems.

Vblock Systems represent the platinum standard for tier-one business applications and provide businesses with the confidence to entrust mission-critical applications to the cloud.

- Bryan Martin, Chairman and CEO, 8x8, Inc.
AltaLink Utility

AltaLink is Alberta's largest transmission company, supplying electricity to more than 85% of Alberta's population.

Alberta's growing population and thriving economy created increased power demand, requiring AltaLink to continually add and upgrade transmission lines and substations to ensure reliable service and minimize outages. By consolidating its multivendor legacy systems onto a Vblock System, AltaLink has increased business agility with a virtualized converged infrastructure.

With Vblock Systems, we're able to deploy resources for new business projects faster than ever before on our IBM infrastructure.

- Matt Laba, Manager of Enterprise Architecture, AltaLink
Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania

The Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania combines the intimacy of highly-selective graduate and undergraduate programs with the dynamism, resources, and personnel of a major research institute.

With Vblock Systems, researchers at the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania capture social media insights from big data analysis.

Our faculty and students conduct research that demands huge IT resources. With Vblock Systems, we're meeting our big data research needs quickly and efficiently. We also can deliver resources on the fly, which is essential to serving the constantly changing world of communication research.

— Tejash Patel, Senior Director, Information Technology Services, School of Nursing (formerly IT Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Annenberg School for Communication), University of Pennsylvania
Apollo Education Group Education

Apollo Education Group offers innovative and distinctive educational programs and services, online and on-campus, at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels.

As Apollo consolidated its cloud-based IT environment, its teams implemented a private Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud to meet the growing demands of its institutions and other subsidiaries. With the deployment of 6 Vblock Systems in 2 data centers, Apollo’s IT group improved its flexibility and increased efficiencies to better serve students looking for differentiated learning opportunities.

VCE's Vscale Architecture allows us the flexibility of using the cloud to best serve our students, faculty practitioners, support service teams and other operational leaders. This flexibility creates a state we want to be in and we believe VCE will get us there.

- Michael Sajor, Chief Information Officer of Apollo Education Group, Inc.
Asyaport Shipping

Turkey’s largest port ensures always-on operations

Assures 100% uptime for one of Turkey’s largest and most modern logistics operations with the lowest cost.

Virtualization, server, network, and storage in a converged infrastructure has decreased our TCO and increased our speed. Only needing one specialist to manage our data center means rapid payback. We don’t waste time managing; the system manages itself.

— Semra Karaca IT Operations
BNP Paribas Banking

Headquartered in Paris, France, BNP Paribas is a €38.8 billion-company offering a wide range of banking services in the Eurozone and a prominent international banking institution.

By building a private cloud with Vblock® Systems, BNP Paribas now delivers IT services in days instead of weeks or months. As the company continues to automate and centralize administration, Vblock Systems ensure IT resources are accessible to business users virtually on-demand. This way, BNP Paribas is delivering the highest quality experience to customers.

With Vblock Systems, we accelerated infrastructure provisioning and are delivering new services to our customers at a robust pace. The density, energy efficiency, and simplified management of this converged infrastructure also reduces IT costs, which helps our banks remain competitive in a market that is always changing.

— Yannick Gloaguen, Head of Cloud, BNP Paribas
Brownes Retail

Brownes is Western Australia’s oldest and largest dairy company.

A fully virtualised IT infrastructure, supported by VCE converged infrastructure, allowed Brownes to rapidly scale their IT operations to meet changing business needs.

The capabilities and reliability of the new system has freed up some of my time, meaning I can focus on the things that really matter, like managing my teams and delivering the best outcome for our internal customers.

— Brad Flintoff, IT Manager, Brownes
Canadian Pacific Transportation

Headquartered in Calgary, Canadian Pacific is a transcontinental railway operating in Canada and the U.S., with direct links to eight major ports.

Canadian Pacific Railway wanted to more effectively manage costs, streamline processes, and be more responsive to its customers to grow its share of profitable intermodal traffic and other business. With Vblock Systems from VCE the railway has dramatically improved system-wide operations and customer responsiveness while reducing IT costs.

For us, Vblock Systems are an ideal solution. We have one infrastructure from one business partner on one platform. It's made it very easy.

- Mike Redeker, Vice President and CIO Canadian Pacific
Canopy Service Provider

Canopy is the Atos, EMC, and VMware joint venture focused on cloud computing

Standardizing on VCE Vblock Systems enabled Canopy to build secure, reliable, ease to manage cloud infrastructure that serves as a platform to offer IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to enterprise global customers and governments.

The Vblock System is our platform of choice for customers seeking a private cloud solution installed on or off the premises. …It’s all integrated. It’s all packaged. And it’s so simple to mount applications on.

— Jacques Pommeraud, Canopy CEO
CenturyLink Service Provider

With a 450,000-mile global communications network and more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia, CenturyLink is a global leader in hybrid cloud, big data analytics, and IT consulting for businesses large and small.

To compete effectively in the growing private cloud market CenturyLink sought a way to meet customer demands for infrastructure cost reductions and increased deployment speeds. Since traditional infrastructure approaches of integrating storage, server, and networking technologies were too inefficient to meet these demands. CenturyLink alternatively pursued a converged infrastructure strategy based on VCE Vblock® Systems as the foundation for private clouds and augmented by its own managed services, co-location facilities, and public cloud offerings.

VCE and Vblock Systems bring CenturyLink a real competitive advantage. They address market demands for speed, agility, and lower cost. They allow our team to operate more efficiently. And they bring our customers proven, integrated technologies from three industry leaders. What more could you ask for?

- Michael Joffe, Director of Cloud Product Management, CenturyLink
Chippewa Valley Schools
Chippewa Valley Schools Education

Chippewa Valley Schools is one of Michigan's fastest-growing and most progressive school districts, serving more than 16,000 students in grades K-12.

EMC Isilon and VCE Vblock Systems earn high marks for enabling trustworthy video surveillance at Chippewa Valley Schools

The Vblock System running our virtual desktops gives us a more cost-effective way to provide our students with the latest learning tools they need to be successful.

- Craig McBain, Director of Technology, Chippewa Valley Schools
City of Denton Government

The City of Denton is the 11th largest city of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

With a VCE Vblock System City of Denton deployed a disaster recovery infrastructure in weeks versus months while delivering 300-plus percent performance improvement for critical applications.

The Vblock System can handle three times the performance required by our ArcGIS application. That headroom is important as Denton’s population and consumption of services grows and puts more demand on our IT infrastructure.

— Kevin Gunn, Director of Technology Services, City of Denton
Convergys Business Services

Convergys is a leading provider of customer interaction systems and business process outsourcing services.

Traditionally, Convergys hosted its customer interaction solution on a stand-alone server or multiple servers. As user counts grew, the company needed to add servers to support additional voice ports and achieve the proper voice density required to support the application. This would add cost and complexity to each customer environment. Convergys decided that a hyper-converged solution would be the best alternative because it offers deeper voice density and simplified deployment and operations. Convergys conducted a proof of concept comparing a VxRail Appliance, another vendor's hyper-converged solution, and a standalone server environment. Convergys chose the VxRail Appliance because it led every requirement they tested against and provided a 20 percent performance gain over its existing approach.

We're excited about EMC's increased focus on mid-range, easily expandable systems. As soon as a customer has deployed our solution, they often are ready to add new users or services. With VxRail, we can respond to our customers' changing needs faster and with less burden on our staff.

— Jim Harris, Director of IT Infrastructure, Convergys
Crédit Agricole Finance

Crédit Agricole is a French network of cooperative and mutual banks comprising the 39 Crédit Agricole Regional Banks.

Crédit Agricole, the biggest retail bank in France and one of the largest financial services groups in Europe, is undergoing a business transformation. The bank needed a partner that could accelerate cloud adoption and an infrastructure that could deliver results quickly. It found the match in VCE and Vblock Systems.

This new model will completely transform the industry, and it's the early adopters that will gain the most benefit. That's why Vblock Systems are now our data center standard throughout the business.

- Alain Deschenes, Group CIO and Industrialization Officer, Crédit Agricole
CSC Service Provider

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a global leader of next generation information technology (IT) services and solutions.

CSC, a Fortune 150 systems integrator, relies on Vblock Systems to deliver cloud solutions optimized for business-critical enterprise applications.

VCE is more than a vendor. They stand alongside us in the field with unified pre-sales and post-sales support, and work with us through every stage of solution development. When our customers see our close partnership with VCE, it gives them confidence in our cloud offerings and makes us stronger competitively.

— Siki Giunta, Vice President, Cloud Computing and Software Services, CSC
The CSI Companies Staffing

The CSI Companies, Inc. offers specialized employment consulting solutions to a wide range of companies throughout the world, including some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the U.S.

With their system crashing because of the amount of transactions that they had and the time it took to process those transactions, The CSI Companies was experiencing a lot of downtime in their corporate services group. After implementing the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, the improvements were instantaneous. No longer was the back office experiencing crashes, and processing speeds were above and beyond what they expected it to be.

Our use case for the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance was really to provide the maximum performance that we could to our applications, and the performance improvements that we have seen have been across the board.

— Matt Greaves, Director of IT, The CSI Companies
Data Recognition Corporation Research

DRC’s three business units – Document, Education and Surveys – provide services to state departments of education, medium to large-sized global businesses, and the United States government.

Data Recognition Corporation has virtualized a completely physical environment onto the Dell EMC VxRail Appliance to provide them with flexibility, scalability and security for their enclave environment. They are now able to spend a lot less time focusing on IT and can spend more time planning and strategizing for the future.

The VxRail was able to give us that single appliance in a very small box and give us all the redundancy that we needed in order to handle the workload.

— Trevor Farnum, Senior Director Corporate Technology, Data Recognition Corporation
Dimension Data Service Provider

Dimension Data uses the power of technology to help organizations achieve great things in the digital era.

Dimension Data is leading the way in technology innovation within professional cycling by delivering real-time, mobile race analytics through a managed cloud platform built on DellEMC VxRail™ Appliance.

We’re very happy with our relationship with Dell EMC. They share our passion for innovation and thinking differently.

— Tim Wade Sports Practice Senior Director, Architecture Dimension Data
EDF Utilities

Électricité de France S.A. (EDF) is the world’s largest energy producer generating sales of over €72bn in 2014.

Built on the market-leading Vblock™ System 340 the solution includes VMware vCloud Automation Center orchestration tools, along with EMC Avamar for easy-to-manage backup and data recovery.

The hardware is no longer a daily concern,” says Ladet. “We spend less time updating and upgrading the system and integrating new elements. That means we can focus on higher value and more interesting tasks, from both the users’ perspective and ours.

— Jérémy Ladet, Internal Cloud Service Manager at EDF
Energy Future Holdings Corp. Energy

Energy Future Holdings Corp. is privately held energy company with a portfolio of competitive and regulated energy companies.

EFH chose Dell EMC to power transformation of its IT infrastructure to meet competitive challenges and deliver business value. The company deployed Enterprise Hybrid Cloud on a Vblock Systems platform at both its production and backup data centers and quickly virtualized more than 99% of its infrastructure, totaling approximately 3,000 VMs. While the purchase and rollout of the solution required a major commitment with an investment approaching $20 million, EFH anticipates receiving total benefits in excess of $54 million through 2020. Among the other benefits EFH enjoyed were a 25% reduction in the total cost of IT, up to 50% improvement in performance, 50% decrease in the size of its infrastructure footprint, and 100% system availability.

The business case we put together for this converged and automation platform is based on a lot of these numbers that were around resource reduction, cost and licenses reductions, and server reductions. What we did was provide the value back to our business that says over the next five years we will reduce through hard and soft savings over $50 million on our budget.

— Paul Reyes, Vice President of Infrastructure and Security Services, Energy Future Holdings
Equalit Public Sector

Equalit is a shared service center specializing in ICT services for local government in the Netherlands

A Vblock System 340 supports Equalit’s strategy to adopt innovative technology to improve the cost and performance of its services. The converged infrastructure serves a mixed workload environment for a wide range of applications utilized by seven local government authorities.

Equalit’s core value is to reduce dependencies and cost while improving quality. VCE helps us to do just that, with its robust and cost-effective Vblock System, which enables us to concentrate on our application services to local government.

— Willem Zwijger, General Manager, Equalit
Fox Sports Media

Australia’s leading producer of sports content for television and online media

By running its media center on Vblock Systems, FOX SPORTS transformed the way IT delivers services to the business. With a fully virtualized converged infrastructure, IT has moved away from siloes of physical infrastructure to an automated, software-defined environment that enables greater agility.

Since moving to Vblock Systems, we’re now 100% responsive to the business. And we’re innovating even more to put great sports content into the hands of our fans across numerous media platforms.

- Michael Tomkins, Chief Technology Officer, FOX SPORTS Australia
FUJIFILM Healthcare

FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging products and medical informatics solutions.

Delivering its imaging applications, such as MRIs, CAT scans, digital x-rays, ECGs, echograms and ultrasounds, on VxRail Appliances, will help Fujifilm Medical Systems’ customers modernize their IT infrastructure and deliver the best patient care possible.

The broad set of configuration options and price points is ideal for the customers we work with. The ability to scale the appliance is key for us in deploying the right size configuration to our customers at the right time.

— Fred Sinclair, Product Manager, Technology Solutions, FUJIFILM Medical Systems.
Gordon Memorial Hospital Healthcare

Gordon Memorial Hospital is a rural hospital located in Gordon, Nebraska, serving 10,000 people across 10,000 sq. miles.

To capitalize on Federal incentives available to Gordon Memorial as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH), help improve patient care, and reduce IT costs, Fisher conducted a detailed review of technology solutions and selected MEDITECH 6.0 EHR software running on a VCE Vblock™ System.

By deploying a Vblock System from VCE, we expect to save an estimated $695,000 over a decade for services, support, hardware and staffing. For a hospital of our size, this is business-changing. We can put the savings towards new technologies to help improve patient outcomes, instead of using it on maintenance to keep the hospital systems up and running. It allows us to put our focus on what matters: our patients.

- Tyler Fisher Chief Information Officer Gordon Memorial Hospital
HealthEast Care System Healthcare

HealthEast Care System is the largest, locally owned healthcare organization in the East Metro area of Minneapolis-St. Paul. The nonprofit, faith-based system includes four hospitals in addition to outpatient services, primary and specialty care clinics, home care, and medical transportation services.

A Vblock 720 serves as the Target Platform for HealthEast’s Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, in addition to supporting more than 300 other applications to deliver a full continuum of care. Having a production-capable Vblock 720 in a secondary data center allows HealthEast to completely fail over to that location in the event of a disaster.

We now have our server and storage environment engineered five years out, plus a five-year total cost of ownership that’s projected to be 30% lower than before. So we know what our long-term expenses are going to be. The Vblock Systems have made our life better in so many ways.

— Lou Gallagher, Systems Director, HealthEast Care System
Hunter Fan Manufacturing

Global manufacturer of ceiling fans and air quality and control products

Hunter Fan relies on VCE as a key business partner to ensure high performance, scalability and availability that meet the company’s evolving business needs. With VCE and Vblock Systems, Hunter Fan is well positioned to handle ongoing growth at headquarters and around the world.

The VCE Support model has greatly exceeded our expectations. Having a single line of support to handle all three aspects of our infrastructure is tremendous, saving countless hours we can now spend on activities to help the business grow.

- Rick Brandl, IT Director, Hunter Fan Company
IDS Service Provider

Integrated Data Storage is a data center technology integrator and cloud services provider based in Chicago, IL.

IDC developed an Infrastructure as a Service offering built on Vblock Systems so the company can bring cloud solutions to customers without them having to invest in their own data centers.

The most attractive aspect of VCE has been the pre-tested, pre-validated solutions, which allow us to deliver solutions to clients in a systematic manner, fault-proof manner and ultimately the integrated support that’s there inherent in VCE Vblock solutions.

— Matt Massick, CEO, IDS
Insight Enterprises, Inc. Service Provider

Insight is a Fortune 500-ranked global provider of hardware, software, cloud and service solutions.

Insight chose a Dell EMC Vblock System 540 to eliminate operational technical debt, simplify its environment, and increase agility, availability and performance to better serve the business. Insight’s converged platform supports a number of workloads including Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud as well as Insight’s revenue-generating applications. Insight will be moving its SAP landscapes to its Vblock in the near future.

We chose a Vblock 540. It provided us the flexibility we needed for both all our revenue-generating mixed workloads and all flash back end, which we’ve seen the benefits from with already having XtremIO on the floor.

— Carlos Sotero, IT Director, Insight
Interior Health Authority
Interior Health Authority Healthcare

Interior Health provides integrated healthcare services to 731,000 people in the southern interior region of British Columbia, Canada

The Vblock System runs a suite of MEDITECH applications, including EMR, lab, pharmacy, health information management, general accounting, human resource planning, and supply chain management. In addition, IH relies on the Vblock System to run its McKesson PACS solution, Microsoft SQL Server applications, SpeechQ voice recognition for radiology, PICIS operating room management system.

Ultimately, the Vblock System has helped IH deliver a better clinician experience, which leads to improved patient care.

- Mark Braidwood, Director, Infrastructure Technology Architecture and Services, Interior Health
IO Service Provider

IO is a worldwide leader in software-defined data center technology, services, and solutions that enable businesses and governments to intelligently control their information.

By combining its software, power, and cooling with the Vblock platform’s best-of-breed technologies, IO is able to quickly deploy a completely pre-integrated and tested data center, whether it’s hosted in an IO facility or delivered to a customer site on the other side of the planet.

We’re working with Fortune 500 customers who take their infrastructure extremely seriously, so we needed a solid foundation for building our data center solutions and intelligent cloud offerings. Based on our knowledge of the IT industry, we didn’t feel there was a stronger competitor at the tier-one enterprise level that could match the virtualization, industry-leading uptime, scalability, and rapid deployment capabilities of the Vblock platforms. It was a natural fit to support our business goals and jump-start our cloud offerings.

- Kevin Malik, CIO, IO
Kent State University Education

Kent State University accelerates online registration with Vblock Systems, helping students fulfill degree requirements.

Vblock Systems resolved the most critical issue facing Kent State University: performance and availability during student registration. With a highly virtualized converged infrastructure, the university now has the agility and resilience to handle peak registration periods with ease.

The immediacy of access to services and information is a prime example of how VCE technology is helping students be more successful at school and ultimately reach their career goals.

- Andrea Nunley, Senior Director of Enterprise Applications, Kent State University
Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Hospitality

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, a leading collection of boutique hotels and dining establishments in a growing number of cities across the U.S.

Kimpton built their private cloud solution on two Vblock Systems 320 in separate data centers, running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Citrix XenDesktop VDI, and SAP for business planning and reporting, among other applications.

Our Vblock Systems, enable us to roll out VMs and address business needs within minutes. Performance is also much higher than our past infrastructure for better response times.

- John Meng, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Enterprise Systems, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
KPIT Manufacturing

KPIT is a leading technology solutions provider for global manufacturing corporations.

As a rapidly expanding organization, KPIT infrastructure requirements were changing. With new employees joining on a daily basis, the demands placed on the IT team had increased and complexity was growing. After evaluating several solutions from leading IT vendors, KPIT chose the Vblock platform from VCE.

After witnessing the successful performance of the Vblock platform in the POC, we were convinced that VCE would deliver against our requirements.

- Mandar Marulkar, Head of IT and Chief Information Security Officer, KPIT
Land Rover Bar Manufacturing

Land Rover BAR (Ben Ainslie Racing) is a commercial sporting team whose singular mission is to bring the prestigious America’s Cup to Britain for the first time since its inception in 1851.

Land Rover BAR has sharpened its competitive edge with VCE VxRail™ Hyper-converged Infrastructure Appliance incorporating VMware virtualization and EMC storage and Isilon, to accelerate collaboration on boat development and honing sailing tactics.

As a first-generation America’s Cup team we’ve come a long way in a short time. We’ve still got a great deal to achieve, but I’m confident that with EMC we have the right tools and the right team to get out there, compete, and perform.

- Sir Ben Ainslie, Team Principal and Skipper, Land Rover BAR
Lids Retail

The LIDS Sports Group, operating within Hat World, Inc., is comprised of the LIDS retail headwear stores, the LIDS Locker Room specialty fan retail chain, the LIDS Clubhouse retail stores and several Internet businesses.

As a licensed sports headwear and apparel company, Lids faces the ever-changing demands of the modern consumer and omni-channel retailing. In an effort to help customers get the products they want regardless of how they transact, the company turned to an all-flash VCE Vblock System 740 to transform IT. The converged infrastructure enabled Lids to become faster and more efficient while positioning the company for future growth. Vblock reduced Lids’ provisioning time, enabling jobs to run 20 percent faster, which enables the company to make faster business decisions, develop apps faster, and process and analyze its big data faster.

Our partnership with EMC is really allowing us to focus more on the business and less on the infrastructure day to day support types of things to gain as much efficiency as possible and ultimately figure out how to sell more.

— Tony Harte, Senior Director of Infrastructure & Business Solutions, Lids
McCoy Global Manufacturing

McCoy Global provides innovative drilling equipment for oilfield service contractors, drilling contractors, and rig manufacturers around the world.

With Vblock Systems, McCoy Global reduced the time for onboarding new acquisitions from years to days while increasing end-user computing performance to accelerate innovation and competitive advantage.

Moving to a Vblock System allows the business to focus on innovation and expansion without being burdened by IT limitations. We can now provide IT resources to the business far more quickly, so our management team is more confident when making strategic decisions that will impact growth.

- Justin Beauchamp, IT Infrastructure Manager, McCoy Global
Melbourne Airport Transportation

Australia’s second busiest passenger airport and only major airport operating around the clock.

Once the Vblock System was built and delivered, it was up and running within hours. The new converged infrastructure has allowed Melbourne Airport to replace three separate vendors, with compute and storage now managed as one coherent platform.

The system manages storage and capacity itself, which allows my team to focus on more strategic activities. We’re delivering better value, and turning on features we haven’t been able to in the past.

- Paul Bunker, Executive, Business Systems & ICT, Melbourne Airport
Mississippi Community College Board Education

The Mississippi Community College Board is the coordinating organization for Mississippi's 15 community and junior colleges.

The Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) wanted to leverage server virtualization, but its aging physical infrastructure was slowing adoption. Rather than update infrastructure elements sequentially, MCCB was able to fast-forward its enterprise-wide upgrade and virtualization strategy with Vblock Systems.

With VCE and the Vblock platform, we're not dealing with multiple vendors. It's a different model that translates into saving time and money.

- Ray Smith, Assistant Executive Director for Technology, MCCB
Mohawk Industries Manufacturing

Mohawk Industries is the world’s largest flooring company

Mohawk Industries is increasing operational efficiencies and product quality with SAP HANA on Vblock and XtremIO.

Why do I love EMC? Well, it’s easy. It’s the close partnership and relationship that EMC has built with me and Mohawk Industries. They’ve empowered me by not just selling me a solution, but selling me success.

- Vince Zuk, Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture, Mohawk
Molina Healthcare Healthcare

Molina Healthcare is a managed healthcare services provider located in Long Beach, CA.

Molina ran a distributed infrastructure with separate storage, networking and compute environments. Deployment of new systems often took two months, making it difficult to ramp up capacity quickly as processing demand grew. Since deploying the Vblock Systems, Molina has become more agile in responding to growth while increasing application performance and availability.

We’re more competitive because we can provision new infrastructure right away and handle spikes in processing loads by the states without burdening our engineers. Our partnership with VCE has been very powerful. Everyone from engineers to professional managers is a member of our team and meets our expectations 110 percent.

— Marivi Stuchinsky, Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Molina Healthcare.
Old Dutch Food

Old Dutch Foods delivers a broad selection of snack foods to retailers in the Upper Midwest states and across Canada. Customers include grocery and convenience stores, mass merchandisers, and vending machine operators that carry the company’s wide-ranging products from potato and tortilla chips to pretzels and popcorn.

To ensure that its products are as fresh as possible when they reach consumers, Old Dutch invested in two Vblock 300 family platforms to run Oracle’s JD Edwards Enterprise One ERP, and Oracle Essbase for business intelligence. They built a second data center as a co-location for backup and recovery using Avamar and Recoverpoint.

If we had an IT outage, our plants would come to a halt. Within hours, all inventories would have to be scrapped. That represents a significant amount of money. The two Vblock Systems allow our plants to stay up and running.

— Gary Bimson, Network Manager, Old Dutch Foods
PAETEC Telecommunications

PAETEC was a Fortune 1000 telecommunications company headquartered in Perinton, NY. Windstream Communications acquired PAETEC in 2011.

The communications solutions provider gained flexibility and simplified IT operations with a new cloud platform built on VCE Vblock Systems.

The VCE vision matches our plans for our business services suite. There is great thought and leadership on both sides of the equation. The power of this VCE relationship is in how much we can help customers solve issues today.

— John Chapman, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of PAETEC Software Division
Purdue Pharma Healthcare

Purdue Pharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company located in Stamford, CT.

Purdue’s computing environment was complex and its lean IT staff was finding it difficult to keep up with the growing business demands. With Vblock Systems, Purdue improved data center efficiency and lowered IT costs.

It’s great to have two different perspectives—ours and VCE’s—on any issues, with the whole team working together to resolve them as quickly as possible.

— Stephen Rayda, Chief Technology Officer, Purdue Pharma L.P.
ProMedica Health Systems Healthcare

ProMedica is a locally owned, nonprofit health system providing quality healthcare services to people living and working in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

Dell EMC Converged Platforms help ProMedica roll out its Epic EHR and improve patient care while efficiently supporting growth.

IT used to be viewed solely as a cost center and support partner. Now, thanks to Dell EMC Vblock® Systems, no project happens without us being involved early in the design and implementation. We’re delivering real value to the business.

- Anshul Pande, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, ProMedica
Raymond James Finance

Raymond James Financial is a diversified holding company providing financial services to individuals, corporations and municipalities.

Raymond James needed a solution that they could have on the floor very quickly. Having a long time relationship with EMC, Cisco and Vmware, Raymond James believed that VCE could make that happen. The Vblock Systems delivered, having migrated 350 of their servers in less than 30 days.

We no longer have to spend hours and hours researching what versions of what firmware go with storage or network or servers. VCE provides all of that for us.

- Lisa Huston, Senior Manager, Platforms, Raymond James
Renault Sport Formula One Manufacturing

Renault Sport Formula One, formerly Lotus F1 Team, is a leading F1 racing team owned by The Renault Group

Recently Formula One® required all teams to re-engineer their race cars to adapt to dramatic changes in performance, safety and fuel efficiency specifications. Recognizing this challenge also represented a tremendous opportunity to leap ahead of the competition, Renault Sport Formula One marshaled resources across the entire organization, including IT. With limited staff and budgets, IT needed a solution that would help race car engineering meet these new requirements and handle vast increases in Big Data generated by more sophisticated cars. The answer: a refreshed and re-engineered IT infrastructure with VCE Vblock® Systems as the foundation of a private cloud. The result of the converged infrastructure has been dramatically higher performance – capacity, scalability, availability, manageability, and, of course, speed.

Recognizing this challenge also represented a tremendous opportunity to leap ahead of the competition, Renault Sport Formula One marshaled resources across the entire organization, including IT.

- Thomas Mayer, COO, Renault Sport Formula One
Rent-A-Center Retail

Based in Plano, Texas, Rent-A-Center, Inc., is the leader of the rent-to-own industry. They've grown from having just 16 stores in 1986, into an integrated network of multiple brands – with over 3,000 stores and more than 21,000 employees spread across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada.

Rent-A-Center moved to a hyper-converged infrastructure with the All-Flash Dell EMC VxRail Appliances, resulting in increased agility and performence to support growth and less time spent on administration.

Typically, in a VDI environment, IOPS is your biggest concern. With the All-Flash Dell EMC VxRail Appliance, worry about maxing out our infrastructure has vanished.

- Mike Conroy, Director of Technical Operations, Rent-A-Center
Rosetta Stone Software

Rosetta Stone Inc. provides cutting-edge interactive technology that is changing the way the world learns

Rosetta Stone chose VCE Vblock Systems as a key enabler to moving to a software as a service business model.

The results for this implementation will be able to move with the speed of the company. We need to be able to scale and deploy as fast as the company wants to.

— Seth Roach, Head of Data Center Services Division, Rosetta Stone
Rotoplas Manufacturing

Rotoplas is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of water, feed, and chemical storage polyethylene solutions.

Rotoplas chose the Vblock solution with EMC storage for their increasing demand with SAP HANA. Their new platform is more secure and efficient allowing Rotoplas the agility to grow and offer better solutions to the community.

The results has been very good, first we felt that we are on the right platform to continue growing the business and that the same technology can continue supporting the business process that we request. Basically today I can say that the platform is more secure and more efficient.

- Fernando Gomez, IT Manager, Rotoplas
SAIC Service Provider

SAIC is a leading technology integrator providing full life-cycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering, and enterprise information technology markets.

Vblock Infrastructure Platforms power SAIC's Smart Grid as a Service. The agility of the private cloud infrastructure enables cost-effective, rapid scaling to support one million meters.

With the Vblock solution, we are offering a private cloud with true data segmentation, rich applications, and all the security of a private environment, but at a significantly lower cost via a shared infrastructure.

- Erik Naugle, vice president, SAIC
Skyscape Service Provider

Skyscape is the service provider of choice for Assured Cloud Services to the UK Public Sector

Founded in 2011, Skyscape Cloud Services saw a new market opportunity in a UK government initiative to leverage cloud computing to address IT efficiency and quality of service. VCE was instrumental in helping Skyscape secure government procurement framework status and win significant new business in just 10 months.

In the 1980s the automotive industry showed that by designing quality upfront, you get quality at scale. Essentially we’re applying this approach to cloud, so the underlying infrastructure has to provide very strong orchestration and automation capabilities. And that’s exactly what we got from VCE.

— Simon Hansford, CTO, Skyscape
Sonda Service Provider

SONDA is a Latin American leader in IT services

Sonda offers innovative cloud computing services in Latin America with VCE's Vblock infrastructure platform

Not all clouds are the same, and for that reason, SONDA has chosen the Vblock architecture for its new offer of cloud computing, as it is an architecture designed specifically for the cloud that meets the levels of security, availability and performance that our customers need.

— Sergio Rademacher, Business Manager of Cloud Computing, SONDA.
Switch Service Provider

Switch is the largest commercially available, independent technology business ecosystem in the world.

Switch and more than a dozen of its customers have deployed approximately 35 Vblock Systems within the Switch SuperNAP. Switch and its customers are using the dynamic pools of resources that can be intelligently provisioned and managed to readily meet a variety of challenges.

VCE represents a unique new infrastructure in the technology ecosystem. For companies that have high availability workloads, need to meet demanding SLAs, or are embarking on a virtualization journey, VCE is doing it better than anyone.

— Jason Mendenhall, Executive Vice President, Cloud, Switch
Telstra Service Provider

Based in Australia, Telstra is a leading telecommunications and information services company, offering a full range of cloud and communications services in the Asia-Pacific region.

Telstra dismantled the notion of relying on a single cloud vendor or type of cloud infrastructure. They chose to partner with VCE for their private and hybrid cloud solution offerings, as well as the business benefits that Vblocks provide.

Vblocks form one of the core building-blocks of our private clouds and hybrid cloud solutions because of their standardised simplicity. I think of them, and converged infrastructure systems generally, as the cloud version of the prefab units being used to construct the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge in record time. Converged infrastructure allows enterprises, and the cloud brokers guiding them, to not only deploy clouds incredibly quickly but also move between them with ease because of their standardisation and high degree of inbuilt systems compatibility.

- Sundi Balu, Chief Information Officer - Global Enterprise & Services and International, Telstra
Turkkep Financial

A leading financial services provider that delivers ultra-reliable and legally binding e-solutions to corporate and individual customers.

In a highly regulated industry where any outages carry high penalties, TÜRKKEP uses Vblock® Systems with VCE™ Technology Extension for EMC® Isilon® to offer secure, reliable services to its customers to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

Time-to-deployment was 5 times faster with VCE compared to what we’d seen with other solutions.

- Yüksel Samast, CEO TÜRKKEP
Tyler Independent School District Education

Tyler Independent School District is a public school district based in Tyler, Texas.

The Tyler Independent School District was caught in the financial vice of having thousands of old computers, which were in desperate need of replacement, while losing significant state education funding. A Vblock System running Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) software from VMware offered the district a new path forward.

I hear from my engineering group regularly about how happy they are with the Vblock, how easy it is to work with, and how well it works.

- John Orbaugh, Director of Technology, Tyler Independent School District
Unilin Manufacturing

UNILIN is global business producing flooring, paneling and insulation and is a subsidiary of the American company MOHAWK INDUSTRIES,INC.

The deployment of Vblock 340 with EMC VNX storage, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blades, Cisco Nexus switches, and VMware vSphere virtualization was an obvious choice for Unilin whose global success is built on continuous innovation, investing in design, research & development and the latest technologies. Benefit: Delivered an agile, high-performing data center platform to boost application performance, virtualization and scalability, translating into higher productivity and a better user experience for both employees and customers.

When we analyzed the investment the cost differential was very small over a three-to-four year period. But Vblock Systems had many extra benefits like the fact that it was a revalidated product from a single vendor, which would save overheads and make us more efficient.

- Jo Desplenter, Infrastructure Solutions Team Manager, Unilin
University of San Diego Education

The University of San Diego is a private Roman Catholic university in San Diego, California.

With the implementation of its new VxBlock System and VxRail Appliance, USD is enjoying additional benefits that include easily connecting to any public cloud or another private cloud to create innovative hybrid cloud solutions and freeing the ITS team to focus on innovation and value, rather than on simply keeping the lights on.

Dell EMC listens and responds, and gives us better solutions-month after month, year after year. USD is a world-class Higher Education Experience business supported by a world-class IT infrastructure-and Dell EMC is at the heart of that.

— Mike Somerville, NISS Manager - Systems Support & Chief Cloud Evangelist, University of San Diego
Uganda Revenue Authority Public

The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is a government revenue collection agency established by the Parliament of Uganda.

Uganda Revenue Authority improves productivity and makes revenue collection more certain with agile VCE solution. URA employees work more effectively and efficiently - performance has improved by as much as 60 percent, while user satisfaction has doubled with uptime moving toward 100 percent.

With fewer parts and a converged infrastructure, things are much easier to manage. We have saved money on cabling and can provision servers 80 percent faster than before.

- James Kizza, Assistant Commissioner, IT Corporate Services, Uganda Revenue Authority
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Healthcare

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is a nationally recognized, fully integrated academic medical center and health system based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Wake Forest Baptist deployed three Vblock System models: Vblock 720, Vblock 540, and Vblock 340 to provide the infrastructure for its new software-defined data center, Wake Cloud. The environment has been designed to support not only the medical center’s upgrade to Epic 2014 EMR 2014, but also more than 750 other applications—from storing and offering access to the medical center’s imaging studies to supporting its Citrix XenDesktop virtual desktop infrastructure.

Now, that I’m the CFO I like the Vblock environment even more. First of all it’s saving us on the maintenance and support funding. That allows us to take those remaining investment dollars and actually put them into new innovative investment.

— Chad Eckes, EVP and Chief Financial Officer
Woolworths Retail

Largest retail company in Australia and New Zealand

With Vblock Systems, Woolworths transformed IT from an organization bogged down with managing components to one focused on innovation and service delivery. A virtualized, converged infrastructure provides Woolworths with the performance, flexibility, and high availability so critical to a 24/7 retail operation.

With the outstanding reliability of Vblock Systems, customers get the same high-quality, consistent experience at Woolworths regardless of what time or where they shop. That’s critical to Woolworths maintaining a strong competitive advantage across Australia and New Zealand.

- Matt Chamley, Head of Infrastructure, Woolworths
Xerox Service Provider

Xerox Business Services provides flexible IT services to fortune 1000 companies, government organizations and the SMB market.

As the market for cloud services expanded, Xerox Business Services saw an opportunity to develop new services and enter new markets. To do this, they needed an infrastructure that offered the performance that clients would need and the ease of management they would need to quickly on-board new applications.

Xerox Business Services had been working with Cisco, EMC and VMware for a long time. But being able to build on pre-integrated Vblock Systems enabled us to more rapidly address the booming and global cloud market.

— Steve Houser, Xerox Business Services Chief Technology Officer of cloud services and engineering