• converged infrastructure

    / kənˈvərjˈəd ˈinfrəˌstrək(t)SHər /


    Converged Infrastructure technology brings together the disparate infrastructure elements that power IT, including servers, data storage devices, networking functions, virtualization, management software, orchestration, and applications.

  • Transform Your Business

    Built with best-of-breed virtualization, server, network, storage and backup, VCE Converged Solutions simplify all aspects of IT and enable:

    4.6XMore Applications Deployed
    96%Reduction in down time
    Vblock Converged Infrastructure System
    4.4XFaster Time to market for new services
    41%Less time keeping the lights on
  • Why VCE?

    Simplicity. At VCE, it’s the core driver behind everything we do. Our mandate is to break down the silos in the data center – reversing the status quo of static and inflexible pools of resources.

    Converged Infrastructure System Attributes

    With VCE Converged Solutions, IT leaders have the flexibility to:

    • Reduce costs
    • Enhance service delivery
    • Shift IT focus towards delivering business value vs. maintaining infrastructure
    • Meet the evolving expectations of a tech-savvy, mobile workforce

    Since introducing the industry’s first true converged infrastructure system in 2009, we’ve helped more than 1,000 customers transform their IT environments to become more agile, reliable, and cost-effective.

  • Industry-Leading

    Converged Infrastructure Solutions

    Vblock® and VxBlock™ Systems

    VCE pioneered converged infrastructure with the introduction of Vblock Systems, bringing together VMware virtualization, Cisco networking and compute, and EMC storage to simplify data center operations and transform modern enterprise IT. Our portfolio expanded to introduce VxBlock Systems, integrating a wide-array of technologies and offering increased choice and flexibility for converged infrastructure systems. 

  • VCE Vscale Architecture

    Ultimate Agility, Simplicity, and Assurance

    VCE Vscale Architecture™ addresses today’s new business dynamics by extending VCE’s industry-leading converged infrastructure expertise to scale-out data center architecture, delivering the ultimate in agility, simplicity, and assurance.

    VCE Vision Intelligent Operations

    VCE Vision™ software provides unified visibility across multiple VCE converged infrastructure systems or data centers, regardless of where they’re located. This multisystem perspective makes it much simpler to manage a fast-growing IT environment—enabling automatic and highly proactive converged operations on a data center-wide scale.

  • VxRack

    VCE expands its industry leading portfolio of converged infrastructure products to include hyper-converged infrastructure with industry-best VCE lifecycle management and assurance.

    The VxRack 1000 Series provides a hyper-converged alternative for customers to take their journey to the cloud with VCE, and enables customers to optimize deployment of targeted use cases best suited to hyper-converged infrastructure.


  • Simplicity Evolved

    Today VCE’s Vblock and VxBlock Systems are the industry-leading converged infrastructure platforms, trusted by over 1,000 businesses and enterprise organizations around the globe.

    In our next phase of innovation, we’re expanding horizontally to introduce even more converged infrastructure platforms, and also vertically to address the challenges of Management & Orchestration, Applications, and Cloud On-Ramps. Expect new platforms and services from VCE in rapid intervals as we evolve to deliver the world’s most advanced converged solutions.

    The World’s Most Advanced Converged Solutions

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