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At VCE, our incredible growth has created opportunities throughout our organization. In fact, regardless of your area of expertise or your level of experience, there’s a good chance that the next step in your career is right here.

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Human Resources:

With rapid growth and aggressive plans for the future, just keeping up can be a challenge.
You can’t build a world-class company without a world-class HR organization. That’s why at VCE our long and short-term goals are fully aligned with HR. We realize how important this key area is—not just to our culture but to the very future of our company.

From whom we hire, to how we compensate people for their time and talent, to making sure we stay a step ahead of the competition, you can play a key role in our success. Our goal is to create a global HR organization that sets the standard. We know our plans are ambitious. We also know that with the right HR people we can accomplish almost anything.

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We’re building our future on a solid financial foundation.
When you're working to improve the way business does business, you need the freedom to focus on your core competency and let ideas blossom into realities. With today's buyers intensely focused on their budgets, we instill confidence in our customers and partners through our exceptional Finance team.

Whether their focus is on P&L analysis, sales contract financial terms or divisional budget guidance, our finance experts work diligently to ensure we price our solutions to meet the market, demonstrate a handsome return on investment for our customers, and make every investment dollar count.

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When you lead the world, you face complex legal challenges.
At VCE, our core competency is innovation. We work to consistently develop and release solutions that break new ground. Our Legal team, one of our strongest assets, constantly exceeds the challenge posed by protecting our intellectual properties, establishing VCE in new countries, managing our partnerships and alliances, navigating global compliance laws and keeping us moving forward.

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Product Development:

This is where our vision becomes reality.
VCE is changing the way the world leverages technology for IT datacenters, and our Product Development group is the team that makes it happen. These technology gurus listen to our customers' challenges, requirements and wish lists. Then they develop, leverage and integrate key technologies and innovations from VCE, our principals and partners to make our clients’ business dreams come true.

Whether the focus is on new product development, feature enhancements, or integrating next-generation technology from our parent organizations – our architects, engineers, and product managers are building our success…literally.

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The Solutions Organization:

Changing the way the world leverages technology is what we do.
This talented and hard-driving group of specialized solutions architects brings together a wealth of technical and business resources to develop, perfect, clarify and demonstrate comprehensive solutions geared to change existing IT datacenter architectures. Our team consults and engages with our sales force, product development team, investor organizations and our global customers to conceive, architect and deploy solutions to solve their major IT challenges and service level obligations on their journey to the private Cloud.

Energetic and passionate, the Solutions Organization integrates best practices with best-of-breed products and applications, to enable the most efficient alignment of IT workloads with a standard physical infrastructure that is easy to manage, adapt and scale.

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Global Services:

We help customers reach the Cloud fast.
VCE's Global Services Organization consists of professional services, advanced services, manufacturing engineering and customer advocacy. Their focus rests entirely on seamlessly accelerating our customers’ journey to the private Cloud. To make it happen, we access an incredible array of resources. In the Global Services Organization, we pull together the technical teams necessary to assess the complex needs of enterprise IT environments, and then lead the delivery and implementation effort of the VCE solution. Upon implementation, technical support is ready to meet every customer’s needs, and remain a reliable resource to the customer long after the solution has been incorporated.

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How often are you given the opportunity to bring true innovation to the world?
How often do you get to transform the way business does business? At VCE, our sales force has this opportunity on a daily basis.

Our datacenter solutions allow businesses to drastically alter and enhance how they access, utilize and manage mission critical IT assets and workflows. It's a fact, one that our sales force shares and delivers with speed, agility and ruthless execution. We know our solutions are second-to-none. To meet our aggressive goals and to remain at the forefront of our industry, our sales team must perform at the highest possible level.

Our account managers and pre-sales engineers (vArchitects) have deep experience leading complex sales campaigns, partnering closely with CIOs, CFOs, and their datacenter technology leaders.

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