Applying to VCE

To help you best highlight your qualifications, here are a few suggestions:

Apply via our Online Application. Whether or not you send your resume to one of our Recruiters, we require that you input your information directly into our application system. This way, you can be sure that your qualifications are listed within our system as you would like them to appear.

Get to Know Us. Learn a little about who we are and what we do. For applicants who most closely match the requirements for our open positions, and who have therefore been selected to interview with us, don’t be afraid to ask us questions during your phone or in-person interview to clarify the offerings we provide, the way we work as an organization, the role for which you’re applying or how VCE fits within the broader scheme of our industry. We see our interviews equally as much as a time for you to learn about us as it is our opportunity to learn about you.

Don’t Pigeonhole Yourself. People come to VCE from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a broad range of experience levels. As VCE continues to grow, we will need highly motivated individuals with various backgrounds and levels of experience to fill open positions for which they are qualified.

Make Use of Cover Letters. You may have a fabulous resume or CV that defines your qualifications perfectly. Even so, a direct and concise cover letter or cover email may help a Recruiter and Hiring Manager get a quick and clear understanding of who you are, why you are interested in a particular role and what you have to offer. A good cover letter/email summarizes the more vital points of your resume or CV while also helping the organization grasp the “why” behind your interest. At VCE, we don’t give preference to candidates who use cover letters. We simply offer the suggestion as a way to help us, or another prospective employer, more readily understand your interest.


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    Application Process

    • Recruiters review resumes submitted by qualified applicants.
    • Recruiters forward resumes of qualified applicants to the Hiring Manager for review.
    • Applicants with requisite experience who most closely meet the criteria are scheduled into our interview process.
    • Following the interviews, VCE determines whether or not to extend an employment offer or consulting contract to the applicant.
    • VCE conducts background checks and drug screens on all potential employees in the US market.

    We ask for your patience during this process, as it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on a number of factors involved in our interview and selection process.



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