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DELETE THIS????   SAP makes foray into private cloud


Microsoft sues
Microsoft has filed a federal lawsuit against Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, alleging that the company's online customer relationship management (CRM) offerings infringe on Microsoft's patents.

The timing of the lawsuit may not be accidental. Microsoft recently announced that the price of its Dynamics CRM service will be less than a third the price of's Sales Cloud 2 Professional Edition.

SAP makes foray into private cloud
Enterprise software maker SAP AG has revealed a bit of its private cloud strategy -- the company has been testing its software on the Vblock system, which was created by Cisco Systems Inc., EMC Corp. and VMware Inc.

Announced last year, Vblock is the trio's stack designed for the building of private clouds, and SAP's tests with Levi Strauss indicate that implementing and running SAP's enterprise resource planning software on Vblock reduced costs.