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Unisys and VCE Team to Deliver Secure, Easily Managed Cloud Infrastructure

BLUE BELL, Pa. – July 30, 2012 –Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution is now certified by VCE as “Vblock Ready” for Vblock™ Systems and is available to clients.

Vblock Systems integrate leading Cisco networking and server, EMC storage and VMware cloud infrastructure technologies into a single intelligent converged infrastructure system. VCE was formed by Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel.

The Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution simplifies the automation, provisioning and management of IT resources in the Vblock System-based cloud environment.

Unisys is a VCE systems integrator and Vblock system reseller.

“This is an exciting expansion of our alliance with VCE,” said Rod Sapp, vice president, Data Center Transformation and Outsourcing Products and Technology, Unisys. “Unisys adds innovative cloud capabilities to VCE’s powerful Vblock Systems, helping clients better protect their business data, gain on-demand access to IT services and control costs. We complement these capabilities with services to help VCE clients plan their cloud strategy, implement the integrated Unisys-VCE solution quickly and manage it efficiently.”

Clients can use the Unisys-VCE solution as a special-purpose cloud or integrate it into a hybrid enterprise environment where they benefit from leveraging their long-term investments in mission-critical IT resources.

“Demand for Vblock Systems continues to grow as more IT organizations realize the business agility and cost savings they provide,” said Todd Pavone, executive vice president, VCE. “Together with Unisys we are targeting market segments – such as financial-services – that can benefit from our expertise and solutions and are offering a value proposition for cloud computing that few in the market can approach.”

Security, Cost Management and Services Make the Difference

Vblock System users can benefit from key components of the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, especially:

  • Unisys Stealth Solution Suite, which provides extra data security in the integrated cloud environment. Using patented and patent-pending security techniques, the Stealth solution makes applications invisible on the network and protects them from attack or compromise by unauthorized external or internal sources. With the Stealth solution, multiple groups of related users can share the cloud, with information relevant to each group protected from unauthorized use by members of another.
  • Usage Monitoring and Chargeback capability, which tracks use of both physical and virtual cloud resources, providing extensive reporting of cloud resource consumption and the ability to allocate the cost back to the relevant group. The cloud environment enables end users to self-provision virtual machines (VMs) to address urgent business needs, and the length of time the VMs remain in service before decommissioning can dramatically impact the resource costs the user organization incurs. The Usage Monitoring and Chargeback capability is crucial in balancing improved levels of end-user service with cost efficiencies in that environment.

Unisys also offers comprehensive advisory, planning and implementation services that can benefit clients seeking a cloud solution based on VCE’s systems. Unisys Advisory Services for Data Center and Cloud Transformation help determine whether cloud computing is right for the client’s organization – and if so, which style is best. Through these services, Unisys helps clients inventory and assess their applications and decide which are best suited to a specific IT delivery model – traditional data center or managed services, or a particular type of cloud.

Unisys CloudBuild Services can help clients who have already decided on a cloud direction to plan, design and implement the right solution cost-efficiently. For cloud operations, organizations can integrate Unisys Enterprise Systems Management services. That way, administrators can monitor and correlate events across all segments of the managed infrastructure, orchestrating pre-emptive and remedial action against potential IT faults.

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