VCE is a cloud computing and converged infrastructure pioneer. We are a company that helps customers around the world simplify and accelerate deployment of cloud computing by integrating state-of-the art Cisco, EMC and VMware technologies into Vblock™ Systems, the industry’s first completely-integrated offering for cloud computing. This converged infrastructure represents a new direction in information technology and enables organizations to deliver IT services faster, more reliably, and at a lower cost than with traditional data center models.

VCE’s history began on November 3, 2009 when the leaders of three of the IT industry’s most successful companies – EMC, Cisco and VMware – gathered to announce an unprecedented collaborative effort designed to help customers increase business agility and lower costs through pervasive data center virtualization and a transition to cloud computing. The coalition brought together industry-leading IT infrastructure from the three companies and sought to deliver it to customers as a single entity through the newly-created VCE.

The introduction of the first Vblock Systems in 2010 provided a fundamentally better approach to streamlining and optimizing IT strategies around cloud computing and were an instant hit with customers. To simplify customer engagement and provide leading sales, service and support, VCE enabled a global community of systems integrators, service providers, channel partners, and independent software vendors (ISVs).

In 2011, VCE announced its new official headquarters in Richardson, Texas with major operations in Massachusetts, California and Cork, Ireland. VCE continued its growth throughout the year, expanding its Vblock Systems and solutions portfolio and adding new customers, partners, employees and strategic alliances.

Today, industry surveys show cloud computing is one of the top information technology trends and areas of investment and VCE continues to lead the transformation to the cloud with converged systems that virtually eliminate the complexity that is inherent in traditional data center architectures. The elegant simplicity starts the first time end-users engage with VCE and continues as cloud solutions are easily deployed in places never before considered.